Thursday, November 10, 2011

QR kóðar - endalausir möguleikar - hér notað fyrir Kevin Murphy

QR codes, or Quick Response Codes, is a technology created by a Japanese corporation in 1994. Kevin Murphy is using QR codes to provide hairstylists  with quick and easy access to information on our website.
The code can be linked to a page on our website or to a specific podcast.
HOW DO I USE THIS THING? Hairstylists or clients with a camera phone equipped with a QR code reader application, (this can be downloaded as an app) can scan the image of the QR code found on our kits and other literature, causing the phone’s browser to automatically launch and redirect to the programmed URL on our site.
It’s easy: You don’t have to remember a URL, you don’t have to remember to type it correctly, and it’s instantaneous and automatic. Never has access to information been so quick and so easy.
>>To make use of this new technology you will need a camera phone and a compatible QR code reader application. Just visit the app store! 

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